We have collaborated with a spanish blog called Concepto Radio and we made a t-shirt and 2 podcasts together.

Lucid is the first guest of our SHOOP X Concepto Radio podcasts series.


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Lucid is an artist out of melbourne joining the ever growing league of young producers who are making a name for themselves on the international scene. With his productions living on the periphery of a multitude of genres, ranging from Grime to House to Hip-Hop, Lucid’s style can only be described as having tremendous depth met with formidable intensity. This genre imperviousness is manifested in the productions on his critically acclaimed EPs for Pelican Fly and Nightshifters, where by he truly encroaches on ground never before referenced. An amalgamation of dark, cosmic, synths and cavernous reverberating drums, create a sinister tenebrous vibe to his tracks, which is met by a significant amount of blithe, tongue in cheek samples, forming an animated/humorous side to all his creations. These two atmospheres, when they collide, spread Lucid’s very own dark humour throughout his music. Although his name may suggest a clear insight into his musical savvy, Lucid is an enigma. It may be difficult to predict what he will do with a particular track, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that you can expect everything he churns out to be of a consistently colossal quality. With a myriad of tracks, remixes and experience under his belt and much more to come, it appears recent productions only scratch the surface of Lucid’s capabilities and with a european tour looming it is apparent his adventurous style will scramble the minds of many more.

Concepto MIX #85 Lucid by Concepto Radio on Mixcloud

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