Mike Bigz


MikeBigz is first a music fan, then a DJ and event promoter second. He’s the type of DJ you’ll see dancing behind the turntables simply because he believes in what he is playing.

Genres include: Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Swing, RnB, some Soulful House, Some Jazz, Soul, 80’s, 90’s, some Funk and a little of something else which will make you dance.

Here we’ll upload a few of his Mixtapes for you to sample as he puts them out. Forever the versatile DJ, expect to hear anything from 90’s Slow Jams/RnB Classics to his latest Mixtape ‘MusicILike’ which features a number of artists you’re unlikely ever to hear on commercial radio.

SHOOP MIX Valentine’s Day By MIke Bigz by Shoop on Mixcloud

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