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BSN Posse is a project that saw the light of day in the beginning of 2011, being the result of the musical fusion between two members of the group MMC: Sergio Ruiz (Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (Broken Lip).

Since its formation, the two musicians have continuously edited tracks, coordinating various styles of electronic music in order to create their own sound: Future Garage, Melodías Purple, Dubstep, Glitch, Soul, Dub, Witch House, Uk Funky…

All these styles have had a great influence on the two musicians and given them the freedom to unleash songs in which manually recorded e-guitars combine with synthesizers which evoke times long gone and atmospheric depths to let your mind escape.

BSN Posse is a way of understanding life rather then a group that wants to spread a message. It is music with a soul …

Their first EP “Green Poison” was edited by Supercool Records, a label from Tampa Bay (Florida), and was published in December 2011.
Currently they are working on their second EP, Forthcoming on Slime recordings (UK)

SHOOP MIX #16 BY BSN POSSE by Shoop on Mixcloud

1. Edgewoode – Freak! (Clicks & Whistles Remix)
2. BSN Posse – Old Things From The Future (Forth. Cassette Blog)
3. Roni Size – New Forms (Machinedrum Juke Edit)
4. YYIOY – To Remember (BSN Posse Remix)
5. Subtle – Paper Conscious
6. Cid Ikarus – Funk Juke
7. Romare – I wanna go turn back
8. G Jones – Mirage (Pixelord edit)
9. Cosby – Hard Boiled (BSN Posse Remix) Forth. on Freshmore
10. Clicks & Whistles – Explorers Demo
11. Stray – La Zoom
12. Beastie Respond – One More Second
13. TASO – You Left Me
14. BSN Posse – Night Walker (Sines Remix) Forth. On Car Crash Set

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