Dot Triple-X


Dot Triple-X is a duo of Mr. Bibal & Balthazar Weber.
They create real 80’s shyth music.

SHOOP MIX #11 BY DOT TRIPLE-X by Shoop on Mixcloud

1.”Funky Child” – Up Hygh
2.”XxX” – Dot Triple-X
3.”Maybe (Sa-Ra Remix)” – NERD
4.”Beware Of My Crew” – LBC Crew
5.”I Humbly Say Thank You!” – L33
6.”Extravagenza” – Mr. Bibal
7.”Kleer” – Funkineven feat. Fatima
8.”Sweets” – Funkineven
9.”Sunride” – XL Middleton
10.”Krackity Krack” – Dayton feat. Bootsy Collins

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